David Beck Photography - Austin, Texas - Miami, Florida


I'm David Beck! I'm a fashion, editorial, and lifestyle photographer based in Austin, TX and Miami, FL. Since I started shooting in 2012, I've developed a unique style influenced by the underground fashion scene, music culture, and classic fashion photography. 

My work is about the freedom of an individual's self-expression. I stand behind our right to dress how we want, act how we want, and live our lives to the fullest, without being constrained by anybody else's opinion. This is about letting go of our innate shame and the fear of being judged by others just for being ourselves. It's about self-acceptance, and discovering that we shouldn't feel guilty about seeking happiness, whatever that may look like to us. I am unashamedly me, and I want you to feel the same freedom I feel every day. 

If you support my cause, please buy a DAVID BECK sticker, put it somewhere awesome, and send me a pic! 

For more information on my photography style and how it came to be, check out my blog.

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